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About Us

An indie gaming studio including members from

Film and Videogame disciplines.

Currently working on our debut game:

"Emil: A Hero's Journey".

Ohad Tadmor - Creative Director

Or Hadir - 3D Art

Afik Yaari - Producer

Nadav Litver - Developer

Shahar Amiri - Concept Art

Yotam Aloof - composer

About "Emil: A Hero's Journey"


From their attic hideout In German-occupied Czechoslovakia

in 1942, Olek and his son, Emil, find solace in creating a magical world in which they portray the superhero duo-

“Starman” & “Starkid”.

One day, German forces break into their hideout and take Olek. Now, equipped only with the creativity and imagination he had learned from his father, Emil sets out on a perilous journey to find him.

Emil’s story is inspired by the personal story of our Creative
Director’s grandfather and vast research of children’s
testimonies living and fighting for survival during Europe in
World War II.

We have extensively researched the history of Holocaust
representation in modern media in order to approach the
game's subject with utmost respect and sensitivity.
Furthermore, we have consulted with educators and
historians who validated our game’s content.

Ohad's Grandfather.png

Ohad’s grandfather at
the age of 14

Ohad's Grandfather.png

Ohad’s grandfather at
the age of 3

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